iDomain Monitor for iPad

iDomain Monitor for iPad will help you to streamline and manage your domain name registrations easily. You will not lose track of your domain names once you add them into iDomain Monitor.

This app provides you one touch access to all your domain registrations at a single location and the app alerts you about expiration dates and never let you miss a domain renewal again.

Whether you own just a couple of domain names or have thousands, this app will be helpful in managing them. This app also helps you to track domains that you are interested in but do not currently own.

View the Registry and Registrar data like whois records, expiry dates, last updated dates, name servers etc. with a single tap.

Retrieving the domain's data is easy with iDomain Monitor. Just add the domain name and the app will get the rest of the details for you. You can Export from and Import domain names into the app via email.

Key Features and functionality:
  • Automatic Retrieval of domain's data like expiry dates, name servers etc.
  • Whois Lookup for Registry and Registrar (supported domains only)
  • Reload domain's data at a tap of a button
  • Whois Lookup Tool for domains not added in your portfolio
  • DNS Lookup Tool to get IP Address for domains
  • Notification Alerts for Domains approaching expiry date
  • Exporting and Importing of domains in bulk.
  • Over 65 popular domains supported
  • "My Watchlist" feature to list owned domains and watched domains separately
  • Notes field to enable adding of custom notes to every domain

Supported Domains Include: .COM,.NET,.EDU,.ORG,.UK and Sub domains,.IN and Sub domains,.CN and sub domains,.US and sub domains, .RU, .BIZ, .INFO, .JP, .CO.JP, .AC.JP, .GO.JP, .OR.JP, .NE.JP, .ED.JP, .GR.JP, .LG.JP, .AD .JP, .HK and sub domains, .IT, .SE, .AERO, .TV, .CC, .NAME, .JOBS, .TRAVEL, .PRO, .SG and sub domains, .TW and sub domains, .IL and sub domains, .ASIA, .DK, .BR.COM, .CN.COM, .EU.COM, .HU.COM, .NO.COM, .QC.COM, .SA.COM, .SE.COM, .SE.NET, .US.COM, .UY.COM, .ZA.COM, .UK.COM, .UK.NET, .GB.COM, .GB.NET, .AU and sub domains, .FR and sub domains, .DE, .CA and sub domains, .CH, .NL, .NO, .KR and sub domains, .BE, .AT, .IR .ME, .CO, .XXX, .NZ sub domains

iDomain Monitor iPad Screenshots

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